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SAMM wrap up: Grape Expectations

August 4 , by

This week, a lucky few managed to catch Justin Dry, co-founder, and joint-CEO of Vinomofo, at SAMM’s Grape Expectations. (more…)

A Healthy Dose of (Virtual) Reality

May 7 , by

You don’t have to look far to see how VR is exploding into the mainstream. Newsfeeds, tech websites, and even art galleries are flooded with the space-age technology. (more…)

Music by Analytics: Is Big Data Killing Creativity?

March 21 , by

Last year saw a record number of people turn to digital streaming to get their musical fix, with 20 million subscribers signing up to Spotify by June 2015. Music streaming gives users access to sea of new music for the price of a CD, it’s no wonder music streaming services have gained immense popularity.  (more…)