Ruby-Jean Jenkins 2016 Editor-in-Chief

Ruby-Jean is a the Editor in Chief at SAMMPress and the Director of Communications at the SAMM. Ruby-Jean is passionately curious and loves stories. She is deeply intrigued by why we do what we do, human impact and catalysts of change. As a closeted Grand Designs addict, she has an appreciation for well-crafted design and dreams of building her own liveable tree house and library. As the leader of the SAMMPress troops, Ruby-Jean hopes to foster a community of idea exploration, sharing and lateral analysis.

Lachlan Hicks (Editorial Team)

Lachlan is currently undertaking his Masters of Management Marketing. With interests in music cultures, dynamic branding, and societal shifts, his writing mirrors his passions. Lachlan has a keen ambition to share his exploratory nature and hopefully offer a unique perspective on subjects we often passively consume. Melbourne born and bread, Lachlan is keen to turn his analytical lens on the world, moving abroad after he graduates.

James Tait (Editorial Team)

James is currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management, as well as undertaking a diploma of Japanese language. Outside of his studies, James cultivates his many unhealthy obsessions, including football, green tea and the dreaded entrepreneur-bug.

Teresa Truong (Editorial Team)

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Ella Shtein

Ella is studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in the classic combination of Accounting and Marketing. After working as a suit at Ernst & Young for two years in Sydney, Ella followed her love of good coffee and brunch to Melbourne. She’s still figuring out what she wants to do but wants it to involve wine and long lunches. Ella loves the ad world and all the crazy and creative ways that goods and services are marketed to us.

Hans-Marius Holst-Hansen

Hans-Marius is a recent Master of Management graduate from the University of Melbourne. After graduating from his Bachelor of International Marketing Management in Oslo, Norway, he travelled to Melbourne to continue his business studies. He has a passion for observation and experimentation, especially related to social interaction, and it wouldn’t be beyond him to tell you an extravagant lie just to gouge your reaction. If in the mood for some honest spiel, ask him about music and he’ll go on for hours, quite possibly about some newly discovered funky ambient beats.

Christie Heilig

Christie is currently completing a Master of Marketing Communications. With a limitless passion for food, culture and travel, she spends much of her free time either living vicariously through travel bloggers such as Anthony Bourdain, or planning her next big trip. During her undergrad, Christie spent a semester abroad in Spain, where she voraciously pursued Hemingway’s trail in Pamplona, going from bar to bar drinking wine and eating pinchos. In an effort to support her rather expensive lifestyle, Christie works part-time as a bartender and also as a marketing intern for CAPI, Australia’s most acclaimed Mineral Water.

Jenny Huang (Web Designer)

Jenny Huang is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne. Jenny works as a front end web developer at a small custom website shop in Melbourne. She is interested in literature, rock music and social activism and its intersection with popular culture.

Kjetil Hansen

Founder of Deliciou’s Bacon Seasoning.


Fariz Mudayana (Lead Designer)

Fariz Mudayana is the lead designer for SAMMPress. He is majoring in chemical systems at the University of Melbourne and can often be spotted sitting behind a desk solving balance equations and questioning his life choices. Jokes aside, Fariz enjoys using design as a creative escape from the rules and boundaries of what’s mathematically and physically possible. He has dabbled in various fields of work, most recently at Indocement, one of Indonesia’s largest cement companies, and is involved in the start-up of a mobile app currently in development. He enjoys keeping an active healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately his hobbies include eating irresponsibly.

Jeremy Liu 2015 Editor

Jeremy is currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing. As a writer, Jeremy has covered the business of technology, briefly writing for Melbourne-based technology blog TechGeek as well as BetaNews in the United States. He is a religious lover of gothic architecture and indie folk music, and in his spare time annoys people and plays the acoustic guitar. Jeremy was the 2015 Editor in Chief of SAMMPress.

Makenzie Thomas

Makenzie Thomas is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media and Communications. In addition to her Bachelors, Makenzie is also undertaking a Diploma of French Language and is planning an exchange to France in the second half of 2015. Makenzie is passionate about travel, snowboarding, food, culture and fashion and in her spare time enjoys working as a waitress, spending time with friends, a good meal and a bottle of wine. Unsure of what the future holds for her, Makenzie hopes to follow a career into either Public Relations, Journalism, Media, or Marketing.

Isidora Stefanovic

Isidora is currently studying her Master of Management (Marketing) at the Melbourne Business School. She has a profound interest in consumer psychology and the employment of strategic marketing techniques. Around campus, Isidora is frequently seen carrying enormous sized coffees, and is either going on her daily run, heading to class or seeking a location she will find baked goods in large quantities. In her free time Isidora enjoys watching Robert DeNiro movies, reading 20th century novels and travelling.

Valerie Duong

‘Hi, I’m @Val_Actualnetball, but you can call me Val.’

Vera Tan

Vera Starr is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in order to live her passion, chase her dreams and be super awesome in future (not that she isn’t now). When she isn’t studying, you can find her in her natural habitat, AKA the swimming pool. Also in her spare time she enjoys shopping, reading novels, travelling and chilling with her lovely friends.

YiLing Chen

Having completed her Bachelors in Psychology, YiLing is currently undertaking her Master of Management (Marketing) at the Melbourne Business School. She defines herself as a curious amalgamation of  Eastern and Western cultural influences: a creative and analytical thinking, with both driven and laid-back mentalities. She finds herself torn between many dichotomies and refuses to settle for belonging to just one of any category.

Molly Niu

Molly Niu is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance at the University of Melbourne. She is also a cadet at PwC. Molly has found meaning in life through food and actively strives to eat her way through Melbourne and beyond. Having returned from Europe for the first time, she has caught the ‘travel-bug’ and is forever dreaming of her next big trip overseas. Molly enjoys volunteering as a tutor and watching TED Talks. She also loves dancing at music festivals, but also dancing in general, really.

Lachy Evans

Lachy Evans is currently completing his Masters of Management at The University of Melbourne. When he is not working or at university he is usually wrapped up in some kind of sport from basketball to water polo to rowing, Lachy has competed in them all, never one to shy away from competition. He is also interested in helping people succeed in their endeavours through charities to tutoring.

Jamie Woo

Jamie Woo is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance at the University of Melbourne. At the start of her final year, Jamie took up an internship that focused on Accounting and Audit in Moore Stephens Association, Malaysia. Jamie is a private English tutor for Year 10-12 VCE students. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors and seeing the world.

Joshua Tuffee

Joshua Tuffee is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce in the hopes of becoming a marketing manager. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys beer, cheese and spending time with friends and family.

Baya Ou Yang

Baya Ou Yang is a Sub-Editor and Social Media Officer with Farrago Magazine, and the Educations Officer for MACSS (Media and Communications Student Society) at the University of Melbourne. Currently studying Media, Marketing Communications and Film, Baya hopes to complete her Bachelor of Arts and work in the Media Communications/Publications industry. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns and spending a ludicrous amount of time at IKEA.

Deborah Goh

Deborah Goh is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. Besides running, cycling, cooking and indulging in the occasional trashy reality television program, Deborah is constantly on the lookout for the latest e-commerce sites and trends given her keen interest in digital marketing analytics.

Michelle La

Michelle graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2014 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Accounting) and a U21 Certificate in Global Issues (Politics). She is intrigued by the power of marketing in society and its relentless pursuit to change one’s behaviour. Michelle is also an avid traveller, music junkie and keen cyclist. Read more of her marketing articles at: