News Is Boring? The Rise of Infotainment Doesn’t Think So

February 24, by

(image by James Allenspach)

Who says news is boring? With the rise of infotainment programs, we, as viewers get the best of both worlds – being informed by the media while entertained. Some define journalism as “hard news”, where journalists cover timely events that happen in a serious manner, whilst the logical opposite, “soft news” is referred to as infotainment.


What I Wish I’d Known When I Started Uni

February 24, by

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Welcome to the magical world of University life. Whilst it’s no Hogwarts (let’s be honest, the Old Arts’ resemblance to Hogwarts is the real reason Melb > Monash), it’s not a bad reality. You’ll find that it is a completely unique experience for everyone and as clichéd as it sounds, it’s entirely what you make of it.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Whilst wisdom touts learning from your own mistakes, as a masters student, I will bestow the following advice I wish past-freshman me had known.



Welcome to SAMMPress

February 23, by

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Welcome to SAMMPress. We’re so excited to be writing this, finally sharing what we’ve been working hard on for months. You might have heard of SAMMPress before. Yes, we are the student-run publication of Melbourne University’s Students’ Association of Management and Marketing.


Cinema is Dead: How a Look At The Past Can Save The Cinema of Today

February 22, by

Image credit: [Andreass] (Flickr)

From the archives: SAMMPress 2014 – written by Kevin Ma

Check out this video!


American Pride: Let Detroit Build Your Car

February 20, by

Humans seek community and companionship, it’s wired in our very nature. It’s not a socially mandated imperative, it’s a biological one, and it’s been with us even before we lived in caves. As a marketing tool, targeting a need this primitive has the powerful ability to transcend all forms of typical ‘tit for tat’ consumer rationality and moves products off shelves for reasons that are hard to describe, reasons that we hardly even question.


Promoting Radical Ideas

February 15, by

From the archives: SAMMPress 2014 – written by Jeremy Liu

Consumers are hypocritical entities, in fact there’s a whole discipline devoted to deciphering the way they think, the way they act and what they want – it’s called marketing. In an environment where consumers demand the next big thing out of businesses, it’s rather shocking how conservative people are when a situation arises that necessitates shying away from the status quo. (more…)

Commentary: Sexual Harrassment

February 5, by

From the archives: SAMMPress 2014 – written by Jenny Jacob

Disclaimer: The names of the individuals involved in this incident have been withheld for privacy reasons.

It was her first job since starting university. As an intern at an accounting firm, Amanda would earn a decent pay and apply her studies at university in a real world setting. (more…)

Commentary: Madmenship

February 4, by

From the archives: SAMMPress 2014 – written by Christian Teo

American advertising legend David Ogilvy once remarked, “Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work”. With 40% of media, marketing, Public Relations and advertising interns saying they feel exploited on the job, is there cause for alarm?


Coping With Workplace Conflict

January 28, by

From the archives: SAMMPress 2014 – written by Amber Tratter

When I was younger, I was under the impression that only children had fights. The adults I was surrounded with during my childhood seemed so, well, grown up. It wasn’t until much later that I realised how wrong I had been. (more…)

Looking To Work In a Social Enterprise?

January 28, by

From the archives: SAMMPress 2014 – written by Christian Teo

With Opportunity International citing close to a 37 percent spike in social enterprise between 2007 and 2012, it is no wonder people are calling it Australia’s fourth major growth sector. (more…)