Is Tesla headed for a bumpy road?

April 16, by

On the last day of March 2016, Elon Musk took to the stage at Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California and promised us the future.

Musk was unveiling the Tesla Model 3, the latest in Tesla’s line-up of upmarket pure electric cars. (more…)

Uploading Luxury

April 13, by

The rise of digital marketing has had a radical effect on how all brands engage with their customers. One industry it has affected most is Luxury Brands, which face challenges of how to communicate with their audiences without destroying the grandeur of their brand.  (more…)

Understanding the Psych of the Online Shopper

April 10, by

The future of retail seems to be moving in one direction – online. Whether it be your networking, banking, shopping or even entertainment, everything seems to be crawling into your smartphone. And it’s only going to happen more. (more…)

Riding for Rights: A Reflection

April 10, by

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh city, but for a different reason to the travelers or business people, we were there for a cause; to raise money for an issue cause very close to my heart. (more…)

The Management Toolkit: Storytelling

April 10, by

For as long as there have been people, there have been stories, and while we might not all be storytellers, we are all hardwired story consumers.


Taylor Swift: Overrated / Genius?

April 9, by

“Oh God, not ‘Shake it off’ again! Turn it off. She’s overrated and not even talented”, my friend vented while changing the radio station. (more…)

Silence is Golden: Be Heard in the World of White Noise Marketing

April 2, by

Consumers are exposed to as many as 5,000 marketing messages per day. So it’s no wonder our senses have become accustomed to the blur of brightly coloured advertisements plastered on city surfaces and our screens. Each trying to shout louder than the other. (more…)

How To Get A Grad Job

April 1, by

Despite being Australia’s most educated generation in a history, students are finding it tougher than ever to find themselves a graduate job after completing their studies. (more…)

So You Think You Can Network?

March 21, by

Networking. Most students are either intimidated by the prospect or disregard its significance altogether. Regardless, there is no denying networking’s value for students. Chances are, if the idea of networking makes you cringe, you’re thinking about it the wrong way. (more…)

Music by Analytics: Is Big Data Killing Creativity?

March 21, by

Last year saw a record number of people turn to digital streaming to get their musical fix, with 20 million subscribers signing up to Spotify by June 2015. Music streaming gives users access to sea of new music for the price of a CD, it’s no wonder music streaming services have gained immense popularity.  (more…)