Mind the gap: A Student’s Perspective

March 17, by

Whenever I talk to people about gap years, I always come across the same two responses. There are those who advocate and have ‘gapped’ and then there are those, non-gappers, who want to have a fear of the gap that stems from a career-driven lifestyle and a desire to stay on track with their life plans.


Beyond the Resume: Building your Digital Footprint

March 17, by

After I had finished my Bachelor of Arts, I was continually exasperated by the application process for graduate jobs. The humble double-sided A4 resume left a lot to be desired. (more…)

The Management Toolkit: Coaching

March 15, by

Fresh out of Uni with a graduate degree, most of you will set off on your next big journey in life; a career. The transition is not supposed to be easy, and  (more…)

Five Tips to Launch Your Own Start Up

March 13, by

A Melbourne entrepreneur and Founder of Deliciou Bacon Seasoning shares five tips to students wanting to launch a business.



Place Marketing: Rebranding the American Rust Belt

September 16, by

The American cities of Detroit, Cleveland and Akron are important cities in the history of the United States.


Does Australia Have a Place in Space?

September 10, by

Space is often the setting for Sci-Fi movies and fantasy worlds, but it has so much more potential than just being a part of a fictional story.


How The Internet Killed the Explorer

September 4, by

I’m really happy for you, but Internet Explorer had one of the best online deaths of all time.


Starting Your Start-Up

August 28, by

Every year over 100 million start-up companies are born, with 75% of those failing whether it be within their first, second or third year.


Tinder: The Swipe to Success

August 26, by

For those of you who have spent the last three years living under a wifi-free rock, Tinder is an increasingly popular mobile dating application amongst millennials.


Global Management Consulting: A Retrospect

August 23, by

Molly recently took part in the Global Management Consulting (GMC) two-week intensive Melbourne Uni subject in Berlin, Germany as a group of 20 students over the Winter break. This subject involves working as a team of four for an assigned company and providing consulting advice based on a particular problem.