How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

How do online scratch cards work? Click here and learn how to play the easiest and fastest paying online casino game and join the best SA casinos.

If you have clicked here, you are no doubt new to the concept of online scratch cards. But that’s okay, we’ve made this guide to not only inform you of how to play scratchcard games but to guide you to the best online casino sites which provide the games. Everything you need to know is all here.


Finding the Right Site to Play Scratch Games

Before we get into the specifics of the game, it is of great importance to access games that are legal within the regions of South Africa. By clicking here, you will be able to find yourself suitable licensed casinos that are legal for South African players to join. These websites are the best for providing you with scratch card games that are independently tested by gaming authorities and are certified as safe places to play in. The licenses which are held by these casinos are issued by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission and in some cases the Malta Gaming Authority. So, you have the very best platform to gain your scratch card experience from.

How to Scratch Your Way to a Fortune

Scratch card games are so easy to play, you can learn to play these games in a matter of seconds. Scratchcards have been around now for decades, once a simple pickup option found in stores on the high street, the transformation to digital form took place in the 90s.

They are now available online in their hundreds and are one of the top three most diverse games behind slots and video poker.

The gaming feature is seen as a niche game as not all casinos online supply players with the online options of playing scratch cards. So, if you do locate them, they are very much worth the time playing.

Scratch cards come with big jackpots, ranging from 150,000 rand to 15,000,000 and to win it is all very simple.

The scratch game has a panel of symbols or icons that relate to a certain value. As a player, you only need to press the reveal button to scratch away the panel to see what symbols are underneath. If you match three, then you win the value the symbols refer to. That’s all it takes to play the game. Some scratch card games come with more than one game within it, some provide multiple games within the one card. The value to which you pay for the card reflects in the cash prize amount. The higher you pay for a card, the higher the return will be.


Why Online Scratch Games Are Better Than Real Ones

Scratch cards online are a better form of game than the older traditional ‘real’ card games. Inside of online casinos, the jackpots are always winnable. The wins are always replaced for someone else to try and win. With ‘real’ scratch cards, if the jackpot is won, vendors will still continue to sell tickets even though all the top prizes may have gone and know full well that players buying tickets won’t make much of a profit if any at all. This makes online scratch card games a heck of a lot more fairer.

Plus, with the best online casinos being available to mobile users, you can still pick up a scratch card whilst out on the high street, just by logging into the casino from your mobile device.

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